If I don’t use the allotted premium support time my plan offers do I lose it?

You receive 3 months rollover on our nSure Combo plan. This means that you can be covered for up to 3 hours of services plus the full cover warranty.

The cheaper casual and nGage plans don't provide rollover, so you might lose time there. If you'd like it included, you can call us for a special price.

What do I pay if I have a virus?

Nothing. It doesn't matter if it takes us 5 mins or 5 hours, if you're on a Combo Plan, or the Casual Silver plan you’re covered by the nLive Security Guarantee.

What if I want only 1 or 2 services that are not offered in the bundles?

That’s fine. You can ‘bolt-on’ just about anything to an existing bundle, or you can have a custom one created from scratch. Be sure to speak to nLive team first as they can offer great deals on combinations not normally listed.

Do people have access to my computer any time?

It’s up to you. Before we install any software on your systems, we will ask you how you'd like it to work; You can have remote access disabled by default and turn in on when you want it. Or you can have it enabled all the time, requiring your Ok to grant our access. Or you can have it running all the time without restrictions if you're happy for us to fix things up while you're out enjoying a cuppa at the local cafe

How can I know no-one will access my private videos or misuse anything on my computer?

The ethics this issue raises are extremely important to us, so we have come up with the best ways to ensure your privacy and keep us at nLive transparent and accountable:

+ First and most importantly we can help you setup and manage a secure file storage area so you can be sure we (nor anyone else you don’t want) can get access to anything you consider sensitive

+ Second, our techs will only have access to your systems and files if and when you want them to

+ Third, when working remotely, every moment that a tech is logged onto a client’s computer is recorded as a ‘movie’ of screenshots that are constantly uploaded to our secure servers

Is there any difference between live-chat and phone support?

Yes there absolutely is. Live-chat is a 24 hour, 7 days a week service that provides basic support for your computer over a chat system. Phone support is a call to one of our nLive team directly. Your nLive tech will help with anything at all to do with your computers, your mobiles, your network or other systems.

I have used all of my support time for this month but I need more assistance. What can I do?

If it’s not urgent, leave it till the start of your next billing cycle and get assistance for free. If you need immediate assistance we can provide a tech for very reasonable rates which comes, as always, with the nLive Guarantee.